Nadezhda Grishaeva: fitness is not scary

When opening a fitness club, few people think about the fears people have when visiting gyms. Sometimes the fitness center seems to the average person as some inaccessible place that he is not supposed to be a part of, and some people are afraid of evaluating looks and judgments in their direction. It is necessary to take into account the psychological characteristics of potential visitors in order to make their stay in the gym as comfortable as possible. Nadezhda Grishaeva, founder of Anvil Fitness Club Moscow, told Sostav about the unexpected sides and nuances of the fitness industry.

Jimphobia and gymnophobia

There is a special term in English gymphobia, which literally means fear of the gym. The second less frequently used term jimtimidation, derived from gym, which translates to hall, and intimidation, that is intimidation, intimidation. It’s about a person’s fear of crossing the threshold of a fitness club and the worry that he or she will be the black sheep there, and everyone will look at him or her askew. Jimphobia One of the reasons why people are afraid to work out in a fitness room. Sometimes a fitness center seems to the average person some inaccessible place that he or she is not supposed to be a part of.

Before we define and understand the causes of jymphobia, we should separate it from gymnophobia. It is also present in many clients and prevents them from attending healthy lifestyle clubs. But it’s still a different phenomenon. Gymnophobia Fear of nudity, fear of being seen naked or undressed.

Many have a complicated relationship with their bodies and nudity in general. Different people have different levels of fear of nudity, which varies depending on the situation. Some may be afraid of public nudity, such as in gym locker rooms. Some may be afraid of seeing other people’s naked bodies. There are many reasons why people don’t want to be naked or look at naked people: religious upbringing, sexual trauma, bullying or shame about their body as a child.

Overcoming the fear of being naked takes effort, but it is really worth it in the long run. Especially for your own mental health and self-esteem. How we have tried to solve this problem in the club Anvil? We have individual enclosed shower stalls where you can not only shower but also change clothes. We originally planned king-sized showers for the absolute convenience of our visitors.

To work on gymnophobia, experts recommend mirror work. You look at your naked body in the mirror, as if accepting it. By the way, mirrors and mirrored surfaces in Anvil more than a thousand. There is another reason for the large number of mirrors in the club A narcissism common to many bodybuilders. I’ll touch on that a little later.

Let’s get back to jimphobia. This phenomenon has its own reasons and causes for concern:

  • uncertainty about what to do in the club, how to do exercises and behave properly, which is often inherent in beginners;
  • Comparing ourselves to the people around us, especially professional athletes;
  • The feeling that people are looking at you, discussing or even judging you.

How to overcome fears in the gym

To a newcomer looking to join the fitness culture, many things in the gym seem intimidating. Some fitness trainers are as technologically advanced and sophisticated to drive as electric cars. Initial doubts and hesitation to try something new in this case are understandable and explainable. Everyone has probably asked themselves at the beginning of a class: am I dressed right, will I look silly in front of all these people, what is the fitness instructor up to, and will I be able to make it through the workout. And that’s okay. Built into the fabric of our being is always the fear of something new, unknown and incomprehensible. However, keep in mind that even Arnold Schwarzenegger was once a beginner and experienced the same fears and doubts. All fitness club regulars started at some point too.

I recommend that the first few sessions in the gym be devoted to training. My personal advice Hire a personal trainer. It’s proven that exercising with a personal trainer is much more effective. Over time, it will help to start feeling more comfortable in the gym. Anxiety studies show that people feel more comfortable with things as they become habitualized. This way, the more one goes to the gym, the better one will feel, and the less anxious one will be about exercising.

The problem in the early days is simple. If a person doesn’t know how to use the machines, it can cause a certain degree of fear of the gym. There is a simple solution to this element of the phobia. He should be given an introductory tour, allowed to use the advice of the gym instructors, and, if he needs any help, contact the trainer on duty. However, there is a simple solution to this element of phobia Anvil that’s dealt with a little bit differently. We always accompany new members for the first time.

The second reason for fear of the gym social comparisons. Have you ever noticed how everyone looks at that guy who bench presses over 200 pounds? Or how a bodybuilder poses in front of the mirror? Social comparisons A huge part of how people interact with each other. They help determine where a person stands in relation to everyone else. At the same time, making these comparisons can be quite negative. If someone is constantly falling behind compared to other people, this is likely to be pressurizing and uncomfortable. My sincere advice Avoid comparisons altogether.

The third reason for fear of the gym The feeling that everyone is watching and discussing. I hasten to allay fears. For the most part, people go to the gym to work out. If a person has the feeling that someone is evaluating them at the gym, there are two things to keep in mind. The overwhelming majority of people will not give anyone a second of their attention, and if someone takes the trouble to judge a person, it reflects on them, and much worse. Such thoughts should be put out of your head.

Fitness centers always offer guest or introductory passes to visitors. Most gyms provide a free consultation with a trainer who will walk you around the gym and show you how to use the equipment safely and correctly. To get better acquainted with the gym at first Join group fitness classes: Pilates, yoga, boxing, cross-fit. If you do, you’ll quickly make acquaintances in the gym with whom you’ll have something to discuss and share. Plus, you can socialize with them in the café after class. A modern fitness center not only about sports and achievements, but also about comfort, the opportunity and desire to treat yourself to a well-deserved tasty lunch, as well as socialize in a circle of like-minded people. I have no doubts about jimphobia A serious problem for many people. But it’s manageable Come and become members of the fitness centers. And I look forward to seeing you at my club Anvilat Mosfilmovskaya.

Sports daffodils

Do you know someone who thinks they are better than everyone else, but lose their temper at the slightest criticism? Have you ever seen Miss Fitness walks around the hall in her tight bikini and looks at herself in the mirrors? You’ve probably seen a screamer athlete who is completely unaware of the loudness of their voice or obnoxious behavior: making unnecessary moans, extra-loud patting, and using other methods to attract attention. These are examples of sports narcissists.

Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior devoid of empathy and consideration for the needs, thoughts, or feelings of others. Often an over-confident and manipulative personality. His or her ego has an excessive need for admiration and attention at any cost. Some people become so obsessed with exercise that it can have negative consequences for the rest of their lives. In society, sports addiction is seen as A good addiction, but it’s still an addiction with all the consequences. It’s not cool.