GT Ticketing

Create the ideal ticket for your customer


Provide a strong customer experience and understand them better
  • ERP Softwares
  • Finance Tools
  • Customer Engagement Tools


Work with your preferred hardware providers


Reach a global audience and maximise revenue


Enjoy a multitude of payment choices


Exciting Innovations beyond ticketing
Create the ideal ticket for your customer
GT Ticketing
  • General Admission Tickets

    Ability to create General Admission standard or Custom ticket just a click away via GT merchant portal

    Easily create a standard admission ticket or a customised version yourself

  • Time-based tickets

    Ability to create schedule ticket type via GT merchant portal."

    Easily create a time or date based admission ticket yourself

  • Packages

    Ability to create packages with description/images from different ticket types either by duration or by fixed dates via GT merchant portal "

    Easily mix and match different ticket types/ descriptions or images to create packages that suit your customers best ?

  • Dynamic Bundles/Passes - Unlimited/Choice Pass Travel Passes & Bundles

    Ability to bundle attractions A and B tickets issued under 1 singular QR code set via 1 time entry or multi unlimited entry set by a period or a specific date.

    Seamlessly bundle different attractions together and provide your customer with the option of either choosing their favourite attractions or visiting their favourite attraction multiple times within a fixed timeframe

  • Multi-Language

    Supporting multi language across APAC region

    Effectively engage your customer in their language of choice

  • Capacity Management

    Ability to set capacity control and set min - max number of tickets to be sold amids new norms

    Easily set your desired capacity numbers for visitors to your attractions and determine the maximum number of tickets you wish to sell at any point in time

  • Merchandise Management

    Ability to handle attractions/tours merchandise products with the capability to send out automated email to suppliers/ops manager to restock inventory when merchandize reach below a certain qty.

    Easily make available your merchandise to your customers and never run out of stock with our ""fall-below"" trigger alert

  • Seat Management

    Ability to allocate seating tickets for attractions theatre using GlobalTix smart allocation functions or simple upload your template of how you want your seats to be allocated.

    Effectively optimise your seated venues by using our smart allocation function or just tell us how you wish for it to be done

  • Virtual Shows

    Coming Soon

  • Booking Engine

    Strong ticketing booking engine to support merchants from small, medium to large enterprise scale

    Use our powerful booking engine suitable to drive bookings for businesses of all sizes; from SMEs to large scale enterprises

Provide a strong customer experience and understand them better
GT Automate
  • Email Reminders

    Ability to generate email reminder (Coming Soon)

    Easily generate email reminders yourself

  • Booking Manifests

    Coming Soon"

  • Rescheduling bookings

    Ability to reschdule through GlobalTix Merchant portal booking tab. Additionally customer is also able to reschedule their timeslot accordingly through GT online page

    Easily assist your customer to reschedule their bookings or just enable them to do it themselves through the online link

GT Reporting
  • Dashboard

    A simple overview of your visitorship, revenue, top 5 product sold, top 5 ticket sold and who your top 10 agents are

    Quickly capture an overview of your visitorship, your top products or tickets sold and your top distribution partners

  • Report

    A comprehensive reporting for your different departments : sales report / operation report / Finance report / Audit report / Generic report that allows customized field selection

    Analyse the comprehensive reporting provided to understand your sales performance, operational metrics and finance & audit reporting needs. The selection of customised fields is also possible where required"

  • Exporting

    Coming Soon

  • Google Analytics

    Coming Soon

Reach a global audience and maximise revenue
GT Distribution & Channel Manager
  • Website

    Ability to do a whitelist website, API to your website and lastly providing you GT standard online store

    Ability to do a whitelist website, API to your website and lastly providing you GT standard online store Effectively engage your customer through the GlobalTix white label website

  • Corporate Management & Portal

    Ability to set up an exclusive online portal for your B2B partner's engagement where we give an unique environment/link for each and every of your partners so that you can have your Corporate membership or promo/discount code initative done smoothly digitally with all your partners.

    Effectively engage your corporate client base and provide them with the latest offers through the use of promo or discounts codes uniquely linked to their corporate membership numbers

  • Travel Agent Management & Portal

    Ability to set up an exclusive online agent portal to better manage your product/tickets and pricing distributed across your partners better. In which we are able to provide a unique environment for each individual of your Travel agent

    Effectively engage your travel agency partners and seamlessly distribute to them the price points that they qualify for

  • Ecommerce Platforms

    Distribution channel no longer stops at just your OTAs an Travel Agents, consumer have now taken their buying of tickets independently via Ecommerce store. GlobalTix have expanded our services as an E-commerce enabler to set up your very own e-commerce Flagship stores that helps enabled your ticket distribution to the consumer

    Expand your distribution reach into the ecommerce space and use our E-commerce enabler capability to set up your Flagship stores on your preferred E-commerce platform

  • Google TTD

    To better facilitate and have your product/tickets reach out to even larger audiences. Being a google partner in the travel sector, GT is able to help you set up your product and load up Google Things To Do platform for Free where consumer that search on this platform be able to see your products.

    Maximise the reach of the Goggle Things to Do platform by letting us, as a Google Partner, build the link from the platform to your website at no cost to you.

Global Channels (GT Channel Management)
  • Marketplace - Connect to more than 2000 Agents (Global Marketplace)

    GlobalTix very own channel manager platform of more than 2000 agents focusing in the APAC region

    Immediately reach out to over 2,000 global online and traditional travel agents and distribute your product offerings

  • Multi-Pricing

    Ability for merchant to set multiple pricing distributed across to the different channels : Onsite GT POS Channel / Online Channel / GT marketplace channel (general pricing / top favourites agent pricing / individual pricing)

    Enjoy the flexibility of our multi-channel and multi-pricing capability. Just identify who are are your preferred channels or travel agent partners to easily provide them with the correct prices

  • Multi-stores

    Coming soon

  • Strategic Partners Engagement

    Coming soon

  • API Connectivity

    GlobalTix have an open API which allows connectivity to all travel agents system.

    Easily connect to your favourite partner, platform or reseller below using our open source API capability

  • Ecommerce Platform

    Ability to connect with your Ecommerce platform

  • Membership Programmes

    Ability to connect with your membership platform (e.g. Eber)

  • ERP Softwares

    Ability to connect with your ERP softwares

  • Finance Tools

    Ability to connect with your Finance softwares (e.g. Xero)

  • Customer Engagement Tools

    Ability to connect with your CRM softwares (Hubspot)

Work with your preferred hardware providers
GT Hardware
  • Turnstiles onsite

    GlobalTix is Hardware Agnostic therefore we have the ability to set up and implement a new turnstile for you or to integrate GlobalTix system with your turnstile to recognise GT tcket code.

    Work with your turnstile equipment service provider and we will apply our hardware agnostic capability to integrate with the GlobalTix system; to manage your operational needs and to recognise and accept the tickets presented by your customers

  • Kiosks onsite

    GlobalTix is Hardware Agnostic therefore we have the ability to set up and implement a new Kiosk device for you to sell ticket or redeem purpose or to integrate GlobalTix system with your kiosck system to recognise GT tcket code for redemption

    Work with your kiosk equipment service provider and we will apply our hardware agnostic capability to integrate with the GlobalTix system; to seamlessly allow your customers to buy or redeem tickets

  • Point of sale system (POS)

    GlobalTix is Hardware Agnostic therefore we have the ability to set up and implement our very own GlobalTix point of sale hardware (offline) for you or to integrate GlobalTix Point of sale software with your POS system (web-based)

  • Mobile Point of Sale

    Ability to set up and install GlobalTix Point of sale system for you which allows you to bring your onsite selling anyway at anytime.

    Engage your customers onsite with the GlobalTix Point of Sale system to enable convenient purchase of products and experiences

  • Contactless Entry

    Ability to set up a seamless contactless entry with minimum operation to no staff needed to station at the point of entry to your attractions. This will greatly increase your operation efficiency to deploy your staff to other locations.

    Provide your customers with a contactless and seamless self-entry experience for an enhanced customer experience while creating a more efficient operations

  • Smart Scanner

    Attractions can now increase operation efficiency where they do not need to open multiple browser tab to redeem ticket from all different platform

    A smart scanner that allows a seamless one point entry to attraction gantry be it customer coming down with OTAs and TAs ticket if it's issue via GlobalTix platform

Enjoy a multitude of payment choices
GT Payments
  • Multiple Payment Options

    GlobalTix have multiple country ( Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines ) payment services from credit cards to debit transfers method.

    Enhance your customer convenience by offering multiple choices of payment options from credit cards to bank transfers

  • Multiple Digital Wallets

    Currently GlobalTIx have integrated with 10 digital wallet that focus a lot in the Apac region (e.g. Grab, Indo and Thailand) and we are looking at integrating and expanding to even larger scale of integration at least to 30 digital wallet in the next 3 years.

    Enhance your customer convenience by providing them a digital wallet payment option most suited for their individual needs

  • Multi Currency

    We are able to support multi country currency across southeast asia like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

Exciting Innovations beyond ticketing
GT Innovation
  • Chatbots

    Integrating with our GlobalTix partners to further improve our services for you and providing your customer a seamless supported ticket booking services. We are able to implement chatbots for your customer to chat in with during the process of their ticket booking.

    Drive operational efficiencies and improve customer experience with the fast growing use of chatbots and artificial intelligence

  • CRM / Membership - Hubspot / Eber

    GlobalTix have expanded our services where we are able to assist you to create that one singular platform which we provide CRM/membership to track consumer behaviour, marketing intiatives and a strong ticketing booking engine to support your engagement for your B2C.

    Know your customer better and enhance their experience with you by using our CRM tools and membership based solutions in collaboration with our partners Hubspot and Eber

  • Gamification - 3D Virtual Games Play

    Looking for a strong ticketing engine where at the same time provide certain gamification for your consumer or your B2B partners? GlobalTix can support your journey to keep your consumer engaged.

    Enhance customer engagement and introduce a bit of fun with gamification capability with 3D virtual games play

  • Crowdsense: Crowd control & Monitoring

    In the new world from the pandemic, the new normal moving forward would be have the capability where a attractions is able to detect and control crowd better in your very own attraction. Therefore GlobalTix have the ability to help you monitor this via your very own CCTV and zone gantry. This will greatly help you and your operation team to better manage your attractions spaces better.

  • Dynamic Mapping & Itinerary Suggestion

    In order to create a better attraction experience for your customer. GlobalTix can help you create an environment where your customer could see a virtual map via mobile and to also know of Itinerary/rides suggestion where there would be lesser crowd live.