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With COVID-19 evolving into a global pandemic, it can be a really hard time to navigate about as the future is unknown. Airlines, hotels, tour operators….. businesses regardless of size are all severely impacted and no one is spared.

However, as low as morales can get, we’d like to always encourage a positive outlook and we want to help you to address this difficult time. From now through till 31 December 2020, GlobalTix’s solution will be free for use.

Whether you’ll like to take this opportunity to explore automating your tour booking processes, connect with potential resellers, or simply plan ahead your sales promotion by collaborating with like-minded tour operators once the market upturns – we have a solution for you:

Ticketing System
Dynamic Pricing
Channel Manager
Global Marketplace

Simply get started today!

Training sessions will be provided (through a safe distance) over webchats too! Ask us as many questions as you’ll like! We love to chat.

Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise. We’ll tide through this, and together, we’ll always be stronger.

With lots of gratitude,
Team @ GlobalTix