Camaraderie of GlobalTix

A Small Office and A Prediction

“6 years ago, we were just a team of 6 in a small office at Butterfly Park with one dream. To make an impact in the tourism industry with a technology that was considered an outlier at its time. At that time, digital bookings were not considered the norm. Traditional bookings were still the dominant booking method, but 6 years later, the industry understood GlobalTix and all of us here, “said CEO Chan Chee Chong (“CCC”) with a firm voice “were a part of the difference.”

Dominance of Digital Bookings

Unlike his normal relaxing side, CCC was focus and firm. It was made clear to all of us present then that yes, we are now more comfortable, but that doesn’t mean we should lose focus on what made GlobalTix special. 5 years later, he believes there will be a total dominance of digital bookings and the traditional ways of the booking will be dead. Therefore, he requested that we enjoy being part of this revolutionary wave.

Soul of GlobalTix

True to the core of his message, CCC said there were unavoidable changes at our old office which he hopes to rectify moving forward in the bigger office. “The culture of GlobalTix has always been about its people, the camaraderie of everyone from the top to the bottom. People might leave, but even when they do, they will still bring a part of GlobalTix with them.”

With that, new changes will be implemented in the effort to ensure we never lose the soul of GlobalTix

  • There will be an A.M.A session where anyone can ask anything from our CEO
  • Coaching classes will be provided for everyone ranging from IT to Business to Operations
  • There will be 1 on 1 engagement with the CEO every month
  • COO will start doing projects that people from the different department will be involved in

With all said and done, GlobalTix is hiring and for anyone with an ambition to be part of a revolutionary wave, send us an email at [email protected]